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Available Nationwide through Midnight Releasing on these select platforms! (iTunes, Amazon Prime, Fandango, Google Play, Xbox Video, Vimeo Exclusive, Steam and more!) 

Lunchmeat gives a great review of the VHS release of "Don't Let the Devil in"! Check it out HERE!

NOW AVAILABLE! The Official Collectors Edition VHS of "Don't Let the Devil in" has finally been released through the good people at Weird Life Films LTR! Order your copy today - each VHS comes with free popcorn! Here is the link!

Thanks for visiting! "Don't Let the Devil in" will be seeing a wide release on October 3rd through Midnight Releasing! Stay tuned for further info!   

In addition to wide release, "Don't Let the Devil in" will be released on VHS in very special limited edition copies through Weird Life Films LTR later this summer! Get your VCR'S dusted off and get ready to adjust your tracking! 

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John and Samantha Harris, Newlyweds who've just suffered a miscarriage, seek to start their already crumbling marriage somewhere outside of New York City. John, an alcoholic suffering from PTSD, struggles to cope. Their drastic age difference causes more tension. Yet, when he is relocated by his Land Development firm to a small town deep within the Appalachian Mountains in order to oversea the development of a Casino, it seems like the perfect opportunity for the couple. Warned that there may be some anger and resentment from the townsfolk, the Newlyweds proceed into the heart of Appalachia with healthy optimism. It doesn't take long until things begin to feel sinister towards the couple. And soon, a slew of harrowing and terrifying events begin to take place within their new home. Soon, it becomes evident that not only are they not wanted, but they have found themselves wrapped up within a nightmarish tapestry of pure evil that lurks within the underbelly of small town America.


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by Courtney Sell

Selected Themes from the Official Soundtrack composed by Courtney Sell. Additional sound work provided by Heather Elle, Landon Webb and Dusty Santamaria. Cover art by John Haverty and Odd Illustrations.


“The score works really well with the visuals, it’s ambient and atmospheric, but there are jarring, off kilter moments as well – like a lost John Carpenter theme.”