Courtney Sell


A prolific filmmaker whose collection of work encompasses various genres including documentaries, music videos, experimental & exploitation shorts and feature-length narratives, Sell is recognized for his D.I.Y. approach towards filmmaking. His unique style of guerrilla filmmaking, which includes shooting a movie on out-dated cameras and disposable camcorders, scoring his own work, as well as developing and creating his own post-production video filters through the use of organic textures, have become some of his most recognizable traits. His documentaries have been archived at Anthology Film Archives in New York City & the Brooklyn Historical Society and much of his writing has been published in Filmmaker Magazine and indieWIRE. His films have been written about in publications such as “Newsweek”, “Filmmaker Magazine”, “The Village Voice”, “Time Out NY”, “Scream Magazine”, “indieWIRE”, “The L Magazine”, “The Providence Phoenix”, “ArtNet” among several others. He has trained under and worked beside award winning Director Ondi Timoner (Dig!, We Live in Public) on numerous films including “Brand - A Second Coming” regarding Russell Brand.

In addition to Filmmaking, Sell is a prolific musician who has released an extensive catalogue of music for free download. Sell is the founder of Show Video Productions.




Beginning his Film career as an independent Filmmaker, Make-up and Effects Artist and occasional performer, Mr. Slanger has much experience in the Horror genre. His debut feature, a remake of the Al Adamson classic “Dracula vs. Frankenstein” became an instant hit in his Appalachia hometown and his make-up effects work have been prominently featured in such Television shows as “Gotham” and the feature film “Satan, Hold my Hand” produced by Jonathan Ames and starring Janeane Garafolo. In addition to portraying John Harris in “Don’t Let the Devil in”, he is also a Co-Producer of the film. Mr. Slanger currently resides in New York City where he run Vortex Video, an independent horror film production company as well as works in the field of Art Department and Set Design.




In her first Feature Film role, Ms. Lewis burns up the screen with an electric performance never missing a beat. A professional Model and Photographer, Ms. Lewis hails from Houston, Texas and currently resides in Los Angeles. Her recent work on the screen has been applauded by many and her distinct performance, mannerisms and wide-eyed appearance has helped the character of “Samantha Harris” to reach a whole new level.